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How to Solve Common Problems with Interviews - Spark Hire

How to Solve Common Problems with Interviews - Spark HireIf youre involved in your companys hiring process, its important to understand the errors that frequently happen in job interviews. Many hiring managers get so comfortable with their interview routine that they dont stop to consider whether their process is effective, or if it could be improved. These are some of the major issues with job interviews, along with some tips on how to correct themTheyre too theoreticalSure, you want to gather some background information about a person. You want to learn about their thought process and gain some insight about their herausforderung solving abilities. But too many job interviews today are all theory, with no hands-on component to them. If your entire interview consists of asking the candidate questions, youre doing your company a disservice. Dont forget to include some sort of practical element to the interview. If your new hire will be asked to build things should they get an offer, have them build something during the interview too. The project should be small and not terribly time consuming, of course, but its still a necessary part of the process.They eingabeaufforderung clich answersBy now, everyone is prepared for the standard interview questions. These include Whats your biggest weakness as an employee? among others. Because these questions are so overused, they prompt clich answers from a candidate. These responses dont help you gain further insight into who this individual is and what theyre like as an employee. Make it a point to break away from the traditional interview questions and ask innovative interview questions in order to draw insightful and useful answers from your candidates during the conversation.They focus too heavily on what happened in the pastOf course you want to know what the candidate has accomplished in their career thus far. What kind of training do they have? How have they solved problems that came up in previous jobs? But dont m ake the mistake of focusing too much on the past when conducting an interview. Be koranvers to incorporate questions about the future. What would your candidate do if they were hired? What goals would they like to accomplish in their career? These questions are often more telling than those focusing on what has already happened.They dont take into account human emotionSome interviewers forget that the people theyre talking to are just that people. They get nervous and those nerves can get the best of them. When youre interviewing, listen to the answers carefully, but also cut the candidate a break every now and then. No one is perfect. People misspeak or get flustered. They can still be a great hire, despite small mistakes.How do you make sure your interview process gives you an accurate assessment of a potential hire? Let us know in the comments.Image Sergey Nivens/

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These 10 Most Useless Jobs Will Make You Feel Great About Your Work

unterstellung 10 Most Useless Jobs Will Make You Feel Great About Your WorkThese 10 Most Useless Jobs Will Make You Feel Great About Your WorkLets face it. Some of us feel bored or useless in our current professions. Often we feel like were notlage really accomplishing anything or moving in any direction. This kind of frustration is hard to overcome and often results in changing jobs.According to a recent survey, legal professions have been ranked the dullest. They are followed by other yawn-inducing careers in management, beistand functions and finance control.To comfort those who hate their jobs, weve looked at some of the most useless jobs in the world. Theyll hopefully make you recognise the creativity that your job involves. Or the unbearable dullness youve come to accept and should deal with right away.1. Restroom AttendantGuardians of the sanctuary, these people do nothing but make our trips to public toilets uncomfortable. Sitting there all day, they watch you closely as you follow the rules. And their main task is to prevent you from entering without paying.Lets imagine a world without them. Would any of us miss the experience of having a total stranger squirt soap in our hands or give us gracefully some toilet paper?2. Lifeguard at the Swimming OlympicsThe Olympics host the worlds fastest and strongest sportsmen in the universe. Take swimming for example. The performance of Michael Phelps and others prove their direct affiliation to aquatic animals. But not even these demigods are free from followinghealth and safety rules. Following the regulations, a massive fleet of lifeguards is always on hand to help them should they get into trouble.3. Elevator OperatorThese peoples job is to press the floor button for whoever enters the elevator. They earn a meager salary for traveling up and down inside thesetiny steel boxes. And for performing this complex activity they need a unique qualification of, you guessed it,pressing buttons.This custom might have com e from the times when elevators were much more complicated. But now in the 21st century, the profession has no reason to exist.4. Pet PsychicCould you build your career on pretending that you can read the minds of strangers pets? Indeed, relaying what theyre thinking to their masters takes courage. But the advice that will foster the intimate relationship with their darlings will be much appreciated.This profession usually involves cats and dogs. No one knows why, but who the hell cares what a fish is thinking? Perhaps that this is one of the most useless jobs in the whole universe.5. Parking AttendantAlthough ridiculously outdated, this profession still exists. These people are the last remnants in places where machines havent had their go yet. One can nothing but admire parking attendants for doing their job with full dedication in the harshest of weather conditions.6. Subway PusherIt seems highly unlikely that youd dream of becoming a subway pusher in megacities like Tokyo, NYC o r Madrid. This phenomenon can now be seen mainly in Asia, although the profession originated almost a century ago in NYC. They spend their days jamming a never-ending conveyor belt of human mass into a train carriage before the door shuts. Not even the euphemistic term of passenger arrangement staff does help make this profession more enjoyable.7. Night Security GuardImagine yourself sitting outside in a bad weather all night. And you have do that knowing several affordable cameras and alarms could do the job for you. Whats more, your world is turned upside down. Your shift may start as late as 10 or 11 pm and end well after the sun comes up. These night watchmen cannot avoid working any night of the week, even on weekends and holidays. Not an ideal profession when you want to lead an ordinary social and healthy lifestyle.8. Toll Booth OperatorThere are still people sitting in the toll booths, fully immersed in their job. Theyre handing out change while giving you that familiar blan k stare. How long could you sit there knowing that a machine can break a $10 banknote much faster and far more accurately than you? Definitely one of the most useless jobs out there.9. ATM GuardYes, certain banks in India and Europe actually employ ATM guards. Is there anything more bizarre than than people guarding an automated system that was meant to replace bank tellers?10. Prime Minister of North KoreaNorth Korea has a Prime Minister Pak Pong-Ju has been serving in that office since April 2013.Never heard of him? Thats quite understandable. His achievements are dwarfed by the performance of the infamous Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers Party. Hes the only supreme leader of North Korea, making the work of his prime minister invisible.Just the tip of the iceberg These professions are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Even though your job might not be as pointless as the ten most useless jobs above, you might be seriously questioning the usefulness of your current positi on.Dont despair. Youre not supposed to wither away or die from ennui. If even after reading this your job leaves you cold, theres a solution.If youre stuck doing the same mind-numbing task or clock-watching till you can drink yourself into oblivion, its definitely time for a change. Most useless jobs have their smarter counterparts in fulfilling, meaningful careers. So why not opt for those right away?Writing your first resume but dont know where to start? Check out our exhaustive resume guide and get hired before the end of JanuaryShare Your Feedback or Ideas in the Comments

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Appeasing Your Robot Overlords How to Make Sure A Human Sees Your Resume

Appeasing Your Robot Overlords How to Make Sure A Human Sees Your ResumeAppeasing Your Robot Overlords How to Make Sure A Human Sees Your ResumeIf youre like fruchtwein people, youve sent an application to a company, after spending time customizing it and creating the perfect titelseite letter. Within a few minutes of sending it in, you get a rejection email from the company or even worse, you never hear from them.When this happens, your resume was never seen by a human being, and your cover letter was never read. It was automatically rejected by an applicant tracking system (ATS), software designed to help hiring managers wade through hundreds of resumes. Large and midsize firms almost always use these systems to make the volume of applications manageable. A typical job posting could receive as many as several hundred applications. An ATS is intended to screen out people who are underqualified or overqualified, leaving only the best applicants.In practice, however, applicant trackin g systems basically screen out everything that doesnt have the right formatting or the right keywords. Its estimated that about 75% of applications dont make it through the ATS, and this isnt because those people werent qualified.Youre getting rejected by unthinking, unfeeling robots. These systems arent going away anytime soon, and until the software becomes mora sophisticated and gains a better understanding of context and nuance, its something that you have to work with.For now, its time to welcome our new robot overlords. To avoid the grim reality of contemporary unemployment, youll need to appease them as best you can.Why Does My Resume Keep Getting Rejected?If your resume keeps getting rejected by applicant tracking systems, theres probably a reason. The good news is that you can fix it, giving yourself a chance to get your resume seen by an actual person. Here are some of the most common issues with peoples resumes.The ATS Cant Process Your Resume CorrectlyEnsure that the sof tware can process your resume properly by sticking to formats that work well with applicant tracking systems. When using a PDF file you want to make sure it is a readable PDF. A readable PDF contains actual text that a machine can read. An image PDF, by contrast, might contain text but an ATS wont be able to read this text. To verify that your PDF resume is readable you can simply copy and paste a line of text into Word if it copies/pastes nicely then youre in good shape. When you are applying for a position you can verify that everything will be read properly by reviewing your resume in the hypertext markup language box that typically appears during the application process, if you see anything that looks off at this point simply edit the text directly in the HTML area. Even the most basic resumes can look off in this HTML area so dont worry that youve done something wrong if this happens, just be prepared to clean up as needed here.The ATS Cant Read Your HeadingsApplicant tracking systems sort things out based on section headings. For that reason, youll need to stay standard and generic with them. Use standard issue headings like Experience, Professional Experience, Key Skills, Core Competencies, Education, Professional Profile, etc. If you use the wrong heading, the software might just skip the entire section. Remember, youre not trying to impress a human, youre trying to input data into software.Youre not using the right targeted keywords.When an applicant tracking system reads your resume, its specifically looking for certain keywords that were determined by the employer. You need enough keywords and key phrases for your resume to make it through. To find keywords, look closely at the job description. Use the same terms and labels that the job posting uses to improve your chances.Youre using too many keywords.It would seem that over-optimization is, in fact, possible. You cant just stuff your resume with a big bullet list of various keywords. Having a rob ust professional profile and key skills section is great as this will help get some necessary keywords into your resume. But its advised that this area doesnt take up more than a third of a page combined. If you have a key skills section that contains more than 18 lines of key skills you may want to prioritize and cut some unnecessary terms out.Answer online application questions thoroughly.In many cases, youll need to fill out an application online, as well as submit your actual resume. Its important to fill in everything if you can, because otherwise, the ATS may throw out your application.Optimizing Your Resume for SuccessTo have a shot at almost any job with a midsize to large firm, you need to make sure your resume is optimized with proper keywords and formatting so that it caters to what the applicant tracking system is looking for. At Resume Yeti, we help you create fantastic resumes that appeal to humans and robots alike. Give it a try today, and watch your response rate go through the roof.

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What to Do When Calling in Sick is Unavoidable

What to Do When Calling in Sick is UnavoidableWhat to Do When Calling in Sick is UnavoidableWith cold and flu season upon us, many professionals will face the tough decision of calling in sick or just powering through, despite the fact that most companies discourage working when sick.While you may worry about falling behind if you take a sick day, its far better to stay home, unplug and rest when you feel the flu coming on or youre contagious with a viral illness.In an ideal world, wed all have unlimited sick days and paid time off, along with someone to bring us chicken soup, but thats usually leid the case. Besides potentially making your illness worse and infecting others in the process, going to work sick can cost your employer, too. Here are some general tips about when and how to call in sickA checklist to follow when calling in sickSend an email or call your manager at the start of the day. (Make sure you know ahead of time the preferred method of alerting your boss when youre sick.)Send another message to key members of your team to let them know you are calling in sick and if you will be responding to email. (This is especially important when you have a project youre working on or a deadline coming up.)Keep it brief and to the point. (Theres no need to divulge specific details about your symptoms.)Never lie or exaggerate your illness. (It can come back to bite you and permanently damage your credibility.)If youre a temporary employee, be sure you also contact your recruiter about your absence.SEARCH OUR JOB OPENINGSWhen to absolutely stay homeIf youre seriously sneezing and coughing. This is how a cold spreads, and if you dont have your own office, frequent coughing is likely to disturb your coworkers.If you have active symptoms, such as chills, fatigue and body aches. These are early signs of the flu, and you are often contagious a day before you have symptoms.If you have a fever. A high temperature signals that your body is fighting something off and that you need to rest. Staying home to rest will help you recover mora quickly.If you are vomiting or have diarrhea. Things like food poisoning and 24-hour bugs need bed rest and lots of fluids more than anything.If youre otherwise contagious. Anyone with a condition such as pink eye should definitely stay home to avoid passing on the illness to others.If the medication youre on affects your alertness. You wont be at 100 percent while trying to do your job, and driving could be dangerous. Dont risk it.When it makes sense to go back or keep workingIf youre no longer contagious. You are capable of transmitting the cold or flu virus to others for about a week after you initially get sick.If youre feeling a lot better. Once youre out of the danger zone, or your doctor has given you the thumbs up, going to work can be a relief from the monotony of staying home sick.If its just allergies. Theyre annoying, not contagious, so there is no need to worry about getting your coworkers sick. Do consider taking a decongestant or antihistamine to minimize your coughing and sneezing, though.How to avoid getting sick at workWash your hands frequently. Washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the best way to ensure you dont spread germs or catch them.Try not to share too much. If you can help it, dont share food, phones, keyboards or a computer mouse with coworkers.Keep your workspace clean. Wipe down surfaces at your desk with an alcohol-based solution.Consider getting a flu shot. Ben Franklin was right An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The Centers for Disease Control recommends annual flu vaccines to help you build antibodies that can protect you from infection.If your company allows it, and youre feeling up to it, working from home is an option. But keep in mind that the most important thing may be to focus on getting better. Pushing yourself when youre sick may have the opposite effect.By taking care of yourself and getting some rest after calli ng in sick, youll be on the road to recovery and back to work more quickly.Employers, if you need backup during cold and flu season, Robert Half can help you quickly. Consult our staffing experts.START HIRING NOW

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Learn How to Deal With a Difficult Employee

Learn How to Deal With a Difficult EmployeeLearn How to Deal With a Difficult EmployeeIt is inevitable in your role as a manager that you will have to deal with employees who earn the label difficult. Instead of ignoring the situation as many managers do, it is essential for you to take action to remedy the problem. After all, you own forming and maintaining an effective working environment. Effective managers use a deliberate approach similar to planning and delivering a constructive feedback discussion, for dealing with difficult employees. Here are some tips onhow to best deal with a difficult employee. 146 Watch Now 9 Tips for handhabung a Problem Employee Evaluate While action is essential, it is important to momentarily hit the pause button and evaluate the situation so that you are armed with a current, clear perspective.Observe the employee in different settings. Look for behaviors that introduce stress or toxicity into situations. Observe how others respond to the empl oyee. Strive to isolate the one or two behaviors that others are complaining about to you. Observe Resist the temptation to respond to complaints or innuendo without checking out the situation yourself. Talk to the people involved. Collect all the facts you can before you act. And dont discount that occasionally, everyone has a bad day or week. If a normally easy-to-work-with employee is suddenly uncooperative and uncommunicative, consider that there may be extenuating circumstances. Develop a Plan Based on your observations, assess whether the situation merits coaching, counseling, training or discipline. Coaching emphasizes specific behavior modification.Counseling focuses on problem behaviors and comes with implications, including, You need to cease doing (behavior), or, you will be placed on a performance program and potentially fired. These situations often turn into coaching activities.Training supports skills development and helps fill knowledge gaps.Discipline reflec ts an immediate improvement program with implications. Make certain to involve your human resources kollektiv. Your time invested in thinking through where you want the situation to go will pay dividends during the actual discussion. Many managers script out the opening sentence of their discussions with the employees just to make certain to frame the situation properly for all parties. Confront the Problem Dont put it off. It may notlage be pleasant, but its an important part of your job. It will not fix itself. It can only get worse. You have planned this confrontation. Now you need to execute. And remember, everyone on your team is watching and waiting. Focus on the Behaviors, Not the Person Your goal is to develop a solution, not to win. Focus on the inappropriate behavior dont attack the person. Dont assume the inappropriate behavior is caused by negative intent. It may be from fear, confusion, lack of motivation, personal problems, etc. Try to Draw out the Reasons B ehind the Behavior As you talk with the difficult employee, actively listen to what they say. Stay calm and positive. Ask open-ended questions that cant be answered in one or two words. Dont interrupt. When you do respond to the difficult employee, remain calm. Summarize back to them what they just said, So what I understand you are saying is..., so they know you are listening to them. If you can find out from the difficult employee what the real source of the inappropriate behavior is, you have a much better chance of finding a solution. Develop the Solution Together The desired result of confrontinga difficult employees inappropriate behavioris an agreed upon solution. You know that this inappropriate behavior will continue unless you and the employee agree on a solution. The employee needs to know what is inappropriate about their behavior and they also need to know what the appropriate behavior is so that they can adjust their approach. Plan Follow-up and Repeat as Neces sary Minor problems, like being late for work, you may be able to resolve with a simple chat in your office with the employee. Others may require more than one confrontation before a solution can be reached. Be patient. Dont always expect instant results. Aim for continuous improvement rather than trying to achieve instant success. Know When You Are in Over Your Head Sometimes the underlying issue with a difficult employee will be beyond your capabilities. The employee may have psychological problems that require professional help, for example. Learn when to keep trying and when to refer the employee to others for more specialized help. Your company may have an EAP or you may need to use resources from the community. Know When You Are at the End While the goalisalways to reach a mutually acceptable solution that resolves the difficult employees inappropriate behavior and keeps your team at full strength, sometimes that is not possible. When you reach an impasse and the empl oyee is not willing to change his or her behavior then you need to begin terminations procedures in accordance with your companys policies. The Bottom Line Dealing with difficult employees is never fun. Nonetheless, it is part of your responsibility. A timely, deliberate approach to navigating these awkward situations will help you succeed. Updated by Art Petty

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The New Angle On Resume Templates Free Just Released

The New Angle On Resume Templates Free Just Released Resume Templates Free Features While resume templates might be effortless to follow along with the template presented may not be best suited for your specific employment background. In addition to the actual structure, award winning resume they come in a variety of colors and designs. Youre able to use templates to help you get much healthier. All templates arent created equal. There are many samples and resume templates that could be adopted. If youve got a strangely formatted resume, itll be problematic for the software to read your resume. A lot of you will have used resume templates in earlier times or may be thinking about using one now. There is a range of templates out there for creating resumes. Another benefit of working with a resume template is it assists in following a specific standard. In addition, it will not only speed up the process of writing a resume, but also help in crafting a professional looking, e ye-catching resume. In reality, resume templates are a simple approach to create a resume. If thats the case, resume templates may provide you with much needed guidance. While trying to find CV templates, one needs to get ensured that the resume is loaded with the mandatory information. If you dont have Microsoft Word, then its still possible to find resume templates and curriculum vitae samples online. Many sites offer assistance for drafting your resume professionally for a little fee. Its possible to use one of many online resume templates or samples. You will have to close the present document. Accessing templates for resumes there can be achieved using the convenient search engines on the website. Employing a CV template will produce a most affective presentation. If it regards resume, it comprises clean and concise format thats utilised to make a resume template. The Resume Templates Free Chronicles The wizard will help you through the fundamental steps of preparin g your resume. If youre more experienced, you can likewise find templates with a style that concentrates on your skills and experience to produce an impression on your prospective employer. While it could be accepted practice in some countries for job seekers to include such info in their application, it isnt accepted practice in some nations like Canada, US and the united kingdom. Try to remember, free resume templates are made to grab your attention, not the interest of the folks who actually matter, including hiring managers and recruiters. When you are attempting to obtain work, among the best tools you can have at your disposal is a totally free printable resume. If you are working to locate a new job thats out of the realm of what it is you are utilised to, you might want to find a completely free printable resume that youre able to take and mein herr to your own details. There are at least hundreds of free resume cover letter examples on the web. Among the downsides to finding free sample resumes on the world wide web is that theyre often merely a picture. There are many locations online where you could get free of charge. You might be able to submit your resume online. There is a broad selection of free resume writing samples online which will help anyone develop a better resume. Sure, its probably not your favourite thing to do, but there are lots of totally free sample resumes on the net or in document programs, such as MS Word, that could enable you to understand the proper resume format. You may add graphics from your hard disk or go on the internet and hunt for graphics from the Microsoft site. Just remember to adhere to the format you chose. Developing a nursing resume is difficult, notably since there are not any rules. You will only have to pick the very best template for the job youre applying for and then download it. Before you try to apply for the job revise your resume to coordinate with the description. Youre asking for a particular job. Legitimate, professional resume writing services might not be for everybody, but they do help a terrific deal of job seekers. Applying for a job isnt the simplest thing to do. Writing your resume has never been simpler. Resume writing isnt hard.

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The Unexposed Secret of Objective Line for Resume

The Unexposed Secret of Objective Line for Resume The Ugly Secret of Objective Line for Resume When youre crafting your resume objective, you should concentrate on particular abilities and experiences which are directly associated with the job. By using the correct language, you project the feeling you could do the job. Bad grammar is likely to make your resume look half-done and leave a poor impression. Mention your abilities and experiences. Resume objectives can be somewhat controversial. In a lot of ways, an objective replaces a lot of the detail you would set in your professional experience section. It is also a good place to mention some of your skills. Possessing an objective thats perfectly matched with the position youre applying for is the trick to sparking interest in a possible employer. Actually, each experience you list needs to respond right to the work post. Searching for a challenging position as a Nanny where demonstrated love for kids and the yearning to generate a difference in young lives will be used effectively. Should you opt to include one, the objective can speak volumes about the sort of worker you are and the sort of job you believe is appropriate for you. You want to not just catch the hiring managers eyeyou have to make sure they look over your statement and say Whew You have to tailor your resume for a ausverkauf manager position to maximize your odds of getting an interview. If you opt not to incorporate an objective, thats fine, but you need to give thought about whether it might support you in receiving the hiring managers interest. It is often as easy as stating your preferred job title, or it may show where youre, and where you aspire to go in your career. In your objective statement demonstrate what you may add to the new position and the organization and why youre a fantastic fit for your new career. Make certain its tailored to not merely the position, but the provider also. As someone in the retail indus try, you may not be sure whether to include things like a resume objective. Before you compose an objective for your retail industry resume, make certain you really need to include it. If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on Objective Line for Resume Your resume objective is a significant portion of your resume, but there are different sections youll want to consider about as well, including your Education, Skills, and Work History sections. The sections are simple to skim for the fruchtwein relevant info. You have to offer relevant, concise info. Experienced Nanny Resume Objectives Nurturing, kind-hearted Nanny searching for a position with ABC Company where formal training and relevant work experience will be used to offer exceptional physical and academic development of children. The Dos and Donts of Objective Line for Resume All the listed objectives and profile resumes can be employed by professionals who are ready to try out a different strategy, as it var ies from the traditional type. Zetys resume templates are made with the assistance of recruiters and adhere to the best practices in HR. For instance, if an example resume lacks a skills section, but you need to include one, you ought to do so. Adding in a transparent statement of your objective at the commencement of your resume, though, can boost your application, if done skillfully. Menus are created from what your kitchen can deal with. Templates also show you exactly what elements you will need to have in your document. First, they should be comprehensive. An effective menu whets the appetite and provides customers a taste of what they are able to expect before theyve even ordered. Its constantly an intelligent concept to incorporate 2 to 3 personal references in the base of the resume. Bear in mind that the objective section really isnt about what you would like in any respect. Always consider the reader requirements.